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PHP explode() Function?
explode :- The explode() function split a string into an array.

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  • How many open modes available when a file open in PHP?
  • What is the basic syntax of Php?
  • How to delete a file from the system
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  • What is Full form of PHP ? Who is the father or inventor of PHP ?
  • What is Full form of PHP ? Who is the father or inventor of PHP ?
  • What are the differences between PHP3 and PHP4 and PHP5 ? what is the current stable version of PHP ? what advance thing in php6
  • How many ways we can pass the variable through the navigation between the pages?
  • How can we create a database using php?
  • Explain include(), include_once, require() and require_once.
  • do i store binary in my sql?
  • can we get the ID genrated from the previous insert operation ?
  • What is the purpose of ob_start() ?
  • How do you upload videos using PHP & MySQL
  • What's the difference between COPY OF A FILE & MOVE_UPLOAD_FILE in file uploading?
  • List out the predefined classes in PHP?
  • Explain the types of functions for Splitting String?
  • What types of MYSQL function available in PHP?
  • What is the use of Php variables?
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