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what is difference between mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_row() and mysql_fetch_object()
mysql_fetch_row ::Return row as aan enumrated array and each line contain a unique ID .example.
print ""$row[0]"";
print ""$row[1]"";
print ""$row[2]"";
mysql_fetch_array ::Return row as anassociative or an¬ enumrated array¬ or both which is default .you can refer to outputs as databases fieldname rather then number¬ .example.
print ""$row['name']"";
print ""$row['address']"";
print ""$row['city']"";
mysql_fetch_object¬ :: it return as an object on the place of array.
print ""$row->name"";
print ""$row->address"";
print ""$row->city"";

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