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What is a prompt box?
A prompt box allows the user to enter input by providing a text box.

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  • How do you convert numbers between different bases in JavaScript?
  • What are the boolean operators supported by JavaScript?
  • unescape(), escape()
  • How is JavaScript different from Java?
  • How can JavaScript be used to improve the "look and feel" of a Web site? By the same token, how can JavaScript be used to improve the user interface?
  • What is the difference between a web-garden and a web-farm?
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  • decodeURI(), encodeURI()
  • What does isNaN function do?
  • What does 3+4+"7" evaluate to?
  • What looping structures are there in JavaScript?
  • What would be the output of the following statements?
    var object1 = { same: 'same' };
    var object2 = { same: 'same' };
    console.log(object1 === object2);
  • What is this? var myArray = [[[]]];
  • How do you submit a form using Javascript?
  • How to detect the operating system on the client machine?
  • How to create arrays in JavaScript?
  • What does "1"+2+4 evaluate to?
  • How to determine the state of a checkbox using Javascript?
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