krishna Janmashtami Celebration
Krishna Janmashtami also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini.
1. When an AVATAR is born
A very happy Janmashtami to everyone.Lord Krishna 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu, was born in 3112 BCE. We are now in 2013 CE. The difference between 3112 BCE and 2012 CE is 5125 years. So, this year we are celebrating the 5125th birthday of Lord Krishna.How With the help of the auspicious star formation data passed on from generations through Puranas, ancient Hindu texts and advanced planetary birth chart mapping softwares, one can predict the date Lord Krishna was born in Mathura prison. The date of His birth according to the Gregorian calendar works out to be 27th of July, 3112 BCE.
2. About Lord Sri Krishna
Sri Krishna is considered one of the most powerful human incarnations of the Lord Vishnu. The sole objective of Sri Krishna birth was to free the Earth from the evilness of demons. He played an important role in Mahabharata and propagated the theory of bhakti and good karma which are narrated deeply in the Bhagwat Gita.
3. About Lord Sri Krishna 1
Lord Krishna appeared in a human body but he had a divine body not composed of the five elements. He did not take any birth here in the usual sense of the term. He did not die. He appeared and disappeared through His Yoga Maya as He has declared in the Gita. This is a secret, known only to His devotees, Yogis and sages.
4. About Lord Sri Krishna 2
Krishna has played various roles during his stay in the world as human body. He was Arjuna charioteer. He was a master musician, the music of his flute thrilled the hearts of the Gopis and everyone else. He exhibited miraculous powers even as a child and killed many demons. He taught the supreme truth of Yoga, Bhakti and Vedanta to Arjuna and Uddhava.
5. About Lord Krishna 3
Lord Krishna is one of the most venerated incarnations in the Hindu religion. It is said that Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.Lord Krishna was born about 5000 years ago at the end of the Dwapur Yuga, the third cosmic phase and the beginning of Kali Yuga, the present and the last cosmic phase.Lord Krishna was born in Mathura city of the present state of Uttar Pradesh in India. He was born at midnight hence the festival is celebrated for 2 days. The first day is called Krishnashtami and the second day is called Kalashtami.

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